MPOS systems are very important because they enhance the store’s channel and connect seller’s functionality with each other. Omnichannel is also advancing or improving by supporting technologies such as distributed order management system, RFID tagging of wireless products and services in the store.

Point of Sale is a tool specially designed for retail stores for professionals and individuals in the field of gardening, catering, personal equipment, recreation, sports and leisure, it also shows specialized details. This module offers you complete and effective management of both large volumes of goods in several boxes and small volumes of goods at one or two points of sale. A point of sale, or pos system, is the link between your customers and sellers.

Pos system – a leading system specializing in the provision of information technology for catering, leisure and retail. The company’s motto is “to improve the lives of our customers”. This is why solutions are designed to effectively support business development. With innovative and reliable solutions, we want to contribute to optimizing your business and its profitability.

The best motto in the field of catering and retail: “it remains only to change.” That is why we always strive to look to the future and predict future trends and problems in order to support you in your growth with the help of the best solutions. With our individual point of sale systems, you will be fully prepared for the upcoming challenges with confidence and peace of mind. ease of use – time saving. We want the best pos system to be easy for you and your employees. That is why our software application is intuitive and can be mastered without long training. Software is as easy to install and configure as it is to use. Thanks to its wide range of functions, the system can be quickly adapted to your specific needs. just a good combination Our many years of experience in the field of catering, leisure and retail allows us to listen to your needs and offer a suitable computer project. You can rely on our stable and user-friendly products in combination with a wide range of consulting, design, installation and services.

Many years of experience, individual solutions, extensive knowledge of technologies and processes, high-performance software applications, touch-screen solutions and everything that can be used around the world.

Pos system is reliable, making it a card solution for complex and heterogeneous sales environments. Special technologies, such as resource pool, data compression, and peer-to-peer communication between units, provide maximum performance. the client at the center of the point of sale system allows you to get your tree (geographical criteria and types of points of sale, etc.). Customization of your system can be achieved with the help of additional modules and / or special development. This gives you a personalized IT solution. In addition, the system pays great attention to data protection.

The conditions for success in the restaurant industry are complex and creative. Many ingredients play a crucial role in the daily struggle for customer satisfaction, such as food quality, service friendliness, and account performance. With POS, you can fully concentrate on the culinary pleasures of your customers, while managing your business professionally.

Restaurant chains impress with their service, excellence of their products and a strong corporate image. Optimization means that employees can fully devote themselves to greeting customers. They also expect products to be of good quality, at competitive prices, and with fast and reliable service. The integrated system offers a wide range of functions to increase the efficiency of boxes in restaurant chains. This includes support for a wide range of peripherals and simple interfaces with information systems from other manufacturers. Awaken the appetite of new customers and give your existing customers the desire to visit you again by developing discounts and promotions with ease.

All existing point of sale systems are designed specifically for the above task. They have a similar set of functions, but the task is the same. Organize a point of sale to use modern trading solutions. Use two-factor authentication for remote access in accordance with PCI DSS requirements.